Iida Puppet Festa : Everyone Can Take Part by - Seeing, Playing or Supporting - Celebration of Japan's largest puppet show in Iida City
Iida Puppet Festa : Everyone Can Take Part by - Seeing, Playing or Supporting - Celebration of Japan's largest puppet show in Iida City
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Iida Puppet Festa
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Iida Puppet Festa : Everyone Can Take Part by - Seeing, Playing or Supporting
Overview of the Iida Puppet Festa 2016
Dates held
Tuesday, August 2 ~ Sunday, August 7
Location of the Festa
Approximately 120 Venues in and around Iida City
Iida Puppet Festa 2016 Program (Excel) > Download here
“Today, the Spotlight is on Me”
Today is my first performance. See how much I’ve changed from my usually shy self. Without me working behind the scenes, this show wouldn’t start. Through the laughter and tears, the light shines on my heart as I watch.
“Watch, Perform, Support”
The Puppet Festa shines light on everyone who takes part.
Today, the Spotlight is on Me.
Featured performance
Featuring The Puppetry of Kansai (tentative name)

Kansai is a region with strong ties to Iida’s Ningyo Joruri. In modern puppetry, a rich abundance of unique puppet troupes are active, from older troupes steeped in history to younger troupes. Every year, many amateur troupes come to Iida and infuse the Festa with their local flavor and power, forged in part by the ties they maintain among one another.

  • Unique performances by professional troupes both new and traditional are planned.
  • Consecutive performances of energetic amateur troupes are planned.
  • There are also puppet exhibitions and symposiums scheduled.
Poland-Japan Project “The Four Seasons of Poland”

The Iida Puppet Festa is working on an international cooperative production. It is directed by Kusunoki Tsubame of Tsubame-ya, and stars 3 performers from the Animatsi Theater (Poland), and the clowns Mashu & Kei, from Iida. They are practicing in Poland in June, and at the Iida Puppet Theater from the middle of July, and will be presenting their performance during the Festa. After that, they plan to perform in Poland as part of the Animatsi repertory. The performances are planned for August 6 and 7.

Friendship City Exchange Project YOKAI Company (France) “Volatil(es)”

This troupe was recommended to Iida’s Mayor Makino by Boris Ravignon, the mayor of Iida’s friendship city Charleville-Mézières. The troupe is led by Ms. Violaine Fimbel, a graduate of the International Puppetry Institute in Charleville- Mézières.
This troupe was created only a year ago, but they have performed in Charleville-Mézières, as well as Finland, Germany, Brazil, etc., where they have garnered much attention for the high level of their performances. They will be performing from August 2.

Other International Troupe Performances
  • 弘宛然古典布袋戯団  (Taiwan) “Wu Song Slays the Tiger” (from Water Margin)Stephan Blinn (Germany) “Vaudevillian Puppet Theater”
  • Train Theater (Israel): “The Rain Bird”
  • Yara Arts & Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo: “Shank's Mare”
  • El Patio Teatro (Spain): “A Mano” (“By Hand”)
  • Khaoniew Theatre Group (Laos) & Kuricorder Quartet
  • Noriyuki Sawa (Czech Republic): Giant Puppet Theater Project
Opening Ceremony

The Main Ceremony, which until last year had been held in Central Park on Thursday, has been changed. There will be an “Opening Performance” held in the Iida Cultural Hall Auditorium on the first day on the Festa, Tuesday, August 2. This year is featuring the puppetry of Kansai, so you will be able to see “Manzai no Hoshi ni Narun-ya (It will be a Stand-up Comedy World)” by the puppet troupe Kyougei, with entry using the Entry Badge. The Opening Ceremony will be on August 2, at 10:00 AM, followed by the performance.

This Year’s Design: Poster and Entry Badge

The competition was advertised nationally in the monthly competition site “Tohryumon” (an internet recruiting site), as well as in newspapers. There were 64 entries submitted from all over Japan.

  • Selected Entry: Noriko Namekata (Illustrator from Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture)
  • Entry Concept: “In creating the poster this year, I put the spotlight on the Kuroko (stage assistant dressed in black). Through the Kuroko’s skill, the puppets come alive. I came up with a slightly comical image of this stage setting, where the puppets are shining the spotlight on the Kuroko as if to say, ‘You are the star today!’”
Sales of the Entry Badge
Entry badges (\700) and tickets for charged performances:Starting at 9:00 AM on Sunday, June 26 On sale at the Iida Cultural Hall.
Contact for further information
Please send e-mail to: festa2016@iida-puppet.com
Iida Puppet Festa 2016

Iida Puppet Festa 2016

Iida Puppet Festa
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